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    FCPA Professor (20 Oct 2016) -
    Company Under FCPA Scrutiny, Resolves Separate FCPA Enforcement Action
    The above headline may be a bit confusing, but it is instructive as to the basic point that the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has always bee... (more)

    Compliance Report (20 Oct 2016) -
    Monster Movie Month: Episode III – Son of Frankenstein and Evolution From Yates Memo and FCPA Pilot Program
    Welcome to my third installment in this month’s classic monster movie festival. This year I am revisiting the Frankenstein series. Today I... (more)

    Corruption, Crime & Compliance (20 Oct 2016) -
    A New and Significant Anti-Corruption Voice in the Ukraine
    The anti-corruption field has the benefit of many great leaders, bloggers, academics, researchers, NGOs and other contributors who are commi... (more)

    The FCPA Blog (20 Oct 2016) -
    Queler and Won: Do bribe takers walk?
    It is a somewhat common refrain that while corporate executives and companies pressured into paying bribes overseas face prosecution under t... (more)

    White Collar Crime Prof Blog (12 Oct 2016) -
    At Counsel’s Table: A Conversation with Henry W. (“Hank”) Asbill of Jones Day
    Guest Bloggers - Eugene Gorokhov, Charles Burnham, & Ziran Zhang (Burnham & Gorokhov, PLLC) At Counsel’s Table: A Conversation wit... (more)

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